Day 28

Universal Law of Attraction

Do you know anything about it, Cecilia Zorzi the Navigator? In one of her posts, she tells us about a challenging night in the Adriatic. It is scientifically proven… it doesn’t matter how big the sea is or where you need to go… if there are platforms, rocks, small islands, they will be exactly on your route. And I’ll tell you more… the wind will start to turn a few degrees to the right and then to the left… and again… to confuse you… not knowing which way to leave the obstacle, you end up pointing towards it. And maybe it will end up like last night when we had to change sails at the last minute to pass a series of rocks.

Day 29

Here we are, again.

Another disturbance. It was forecast to be bad for days, so much so that it made us think of taking shelter in a bay along the Australian coast. 12 hours, the time to let the most active part pass with gusts up to 60 knots (about 100 km/h). Then, luckily, the latest models see it passing further east than before, so we just need to navigate for 24 hours at 80% of the target speed and let the most active part pass. Masa’s motto is: safe is faster. Surely, you don’t win by breaking… We had just regained the lead of the fleet, so it will take some rebuilding.

Day 30 – One month after departure


After what should be the last major disturbance. The forecasts are forecasts… something could still change, but there are less than 800 miles left, about 5 days, it’s time to go all-in. Give it your all, go and reclaim the lead of the fleet.