Day 34

To be lonely, you can’t be alone.

Ok, it’s true… this race is not solo, but it’s the phrase that I engraved in my mind when I set out on the transat 2019 project. It was 2017. I was a kid, and it was just a dream. Alone, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere. The kid, a bit naive with hair that was almost always messy, was fortunate enough to inspire some people to the project and to meet new ones. And thanks to this, the dream came true. Now, if I’m here, in the Pacific Ocean, having just crossed the Indian Ocean and with the wake of that Atlantic from the Mini Transat 2019, it’s because, from that realized dream, a sports project was born. I have a team by my side, race=care, who welcomed me and I will never stop thanking them. They help me do what I love to do and, at the same time, in my own small way, help others (come and visit us on social media and on the website And we have partners by our side. In particular, I want to remember Cel Components, who has been following me even in this race and has been by my side since 2019. Since then, we have made miles together, and together, each in our own field, we are collecting the results of our commitment, passion, and work with a winning collaboration from both sides.

Day 35

Why do you do it, why do you sail?

Actually, it’s hard to answer. You have to look inside yourself, without filters. Over time, I’ve given various answers. Why is there no one answer? Two reasons: first, sometimes I haven’t been honest with myself and I’ve given an answer instead of searching for the answer. And second, we evolve, the ability to analyze evolves, motivations evolve. So why? This journey has allowed me to look inside myself, even from new perspectives. In addition, the strength of the choices made and the gratification in navigation that matured this year allow me to look inside myself, without filters, and be honest with myself. I hope… The answer, then? I sail for myself, because the challenges that I set for myself and that are presented to me by situations take me out of my comfort zone and make me a more aware, more complete person. This makes me a better person, and I feel fulfilled, even if not accomplished.

It’s selfish… I know, but I believe that to help others and be a plus, you must first realize yourself.