Day 7

Sailing is a positioning sport, like a game of chess.

You have to position yourself in a way that you have favorable wind for as long as possible.

Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice miles.

Now, finally, we are where we wanted to be, relative to wind and opponents.

Day 8

Years have passed since the RiMini650 2016, the first Mini race.

I freaked out in the doldrums and feared strong winds.

I had the luck, the passion, the stubbornness, call it what you will, not to give up and keep going. After all, there were also beautiful moments…

This year, a click, perceived at the SAS and which I am finding confirmation of here, in the Indian Ocean.

Despite sometimes eating and sleeping poorly or suffering from seasickness, I have started to find myself truly in my element while sailing.

Not everything is rosy, but it’s the difficulties that make you appreciate simplicity, too often taken for granted, like a ray of sunshine caressing your skin after grey days.

Day 9

Did I already have breakfast? Did I eat this yesterday or today?

Just a few days at sea, living to the rhythm of your needs and those of the boat… Polyphasic sleep…

Time stops beating frantically.

The clock only necessary to know when to download the weather updates.