Day 10

Masa and I have two different philosophies:

I push, always, and reduce sail when it’s time.

He (and I understand it… in Auckland he will have completed “only” the third leg out of the 9 scheduled) is more conservative and reduces early.

Perfect couple, you would say…

One pulls, the other pushes and balance is found…

But no! Damn it!

When I listen to him, he was right and vice versa when he listens to me, I was right.

Day 11

Spring has started since yesterday, here in the southern hemisphere. But for us, who have reached almost latitude 40 S and with a south wind, it feels like we’ve entered a freezer.

A cold wind coming directly from the South Pole. No land to separate us, no land to connect us.

Day 12

The Class 40 is a boat with a lot of power. You can’t think of correcting mistakes with force, as I sometimes do on the Mini. On this racing boat, you have to be precise in maneuvers and have an eye on everything, or you risk damaging the boat or worse, getting hurt.