Day 16

Quotes that don’t add up, or rather… do add up.

A famous sailor, unfortunately I don’t remember the name, said a phrase that impressed me:

“For me, paradise is 30 knots on a broad reach, always.”

30?! Wow, that’s a lot of wind… I can understand 22/24… but 30 begins to feel more like hell than paradise.

Since this morning, I understand the quote… these boats in that condition… Wow!

Day 17

The great Capes.

For ocean navigators, there are prominent points that are the site of memorable stories, sometimes legends, famous for their weather conditions, and because leaving all three on the same side (usually to the left, favoring prevailing winds) means circumnavigating the globe.

I’m talking about the three Capes: Cape Horn, Cape of Good Hope, and Cape Leeuwin.

It seems incredible to me, I’m passing my first cape. Cape Leeuwin is right here, on my left!

It is the least famous of the three, but somewhere you had to start…

Day 18

One more day.

After my first Cape, my personal “record” of days at sea begins.

The second leg of the Mini Transat had lasted just over 17 days for me.

Time has flown by.

Just the succession of always cold days, with strong wind and sea, had taken a toll on my physical and mental fatigue, recovered thanks to milder temperatures and weather conditions.

I don’t have a sense of how many days have passed, except through “salty stories.” How cool!