Day 22

Lazy brain.

I love not having weather and opponents’ positions in Mini 650 races. At most, during the Mini Transat and SAS, we have a daily report. Here I have a computer, weather information, and navigation software to simulate routes… A lot of technology! Being used to nothing, I thought I would use it as a tool, critically. Instead, it’s so convenient that my lazy brain relies on it and unintentionally stops observing, feeling, and being in that alert state that triggers instinct. Here, I know the difference. I can make an effort and remedy it. But how many times do we let technology replace thought instead of integrating it, daily and unconsciously?

Day 23


It was my shift, early morning, @storiedibrend podcast in my ears to stay awake. The sea was deteriorating, medium wind conditions, decreasing, large spy up occasionally hitting due to the wave. Engrossed in the podcast, the dawn lights numb me as it gets clearer. Time is marked by the spy’s thud, which hits and inflates due to the wave, hits and… Damn, it’s candy-coated! (it really takes the shape of candies, too bad that pulling it doesn’t reveal a sweet treat). Quickly, the sheet. Shit, I’m late, I’m doing worse. Masa and I spent a bad hour trying to lower it first and then release it. Lost precious energy, time, and miles…

Day 24


Seeing land after 24 days… a horizon line different from “sky and sea. Sea and sky”** I would love to visit Australia. It must be a wonderful continent. Not this time… this time we settle for seeing it from the sea… and we tack (in 38 knots… what a struggle…) to head towards New Zealand.